an old television set




Did you know ... the concept of television's was first thought of in 1878 but it wasn't until the 1920's before it was really developed.  According to TVNZ, New Zealand's first official television transmission began at 7.30pm Wednesday 1 June 1960 in a building on Shortland Street in central Auckland.


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Purchasing a TV can be expensive. Where practical, choose a good quality, energy efficient set that can last you a lifetime.  Alternatively you could go with the second-hand option, which can be cheaper than buying new.



Rather than replacing the broken TV, why not see if it can be repaired.  Check out the Television-Installation, Repairs and Servicing agents listed in the yellow pages.




Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with a TV set in good working order:

  • Can be used as a second TV in bedroom
  • Can be set up for playing video games
  • On sell
  • Donate





TV's can be recycled.

Where do I recycle it?