A hamburger sitting in a paper take-out box

Takeout - food containers

Plastic and cardboard food containers


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You can reduce and even eliminate the need for takeout food containers

  • Make your own take-aways
  • Ring your local take-away shop and ask if they will allow you to use your own reusable container


Cardboard food containers

Cardboard food containers are not recyclable because food can stick to the box, contaminating the paper.  Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with it:

  • Can be composted
  • Torn up and feed to your worm farm.  
  • Use them to plant seedlings and put straight into your garden leaving the paper to break down naturally


Plastic food containers

Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with plastic food containers:

  • Reuse them as a lunch box
  • Use them to store leftovers




Plastic food containers can be recycled.

How do I recycle it?
  • Wash the container


Where do I recycle it?
  • Local recycling collection service 
  • Recycle drop off centre



If you are unable to reduce, reuse, compost or recycle your takeout food container the next best practical option is disposal to the regional landfill through your local rubbish collection service.

Where do I dispose of it?
  • Local refuse collection service