a white or clear plastic shopping bag

Plastic Bag

Shopping bags, grocery bags, bread bags

According to NZ Plastics every New Zealander uses approximately 31 kg of plastic packaging annually and recycles 5.58 kg.   The New Zealand Plastics industry generates an estimated 242,000 tonnes of plastic annually.



You can reduce the need for plastic bags by BYOB - bringing your own bag.   Cloth or reusable bags are a good alternative to plastic bags. 

Where do I buy reusable bags?
  • Local supermarket
  • Retail store
  • Craft shops or shows
  • Make your own from calico fabric
  • Luggage or bag shop



Here are a few suggestions on how you can reuse your plastic bag:

  • Use again for carrying groceries
  • Rubbish bin liner
  • Carry sports gear or footwear
  • Bread bags are good for carrying your lunch
  • Freeze leftovers
  • Doggy-doo bags
  • Bike seat cover on rainy days


Plastic bags are recyclable.

Where do I recycle it?