Bottle of glue

Craft Glue

PVA, glue sticks, super glue


See also Hazardous Waste


  • Make your own.  You can make glue out of common household ingredients flour and water.
  • Craft glue doesn't always have expiry date, but it won't last forever.  Glue typically last 1-2 years after opening.  To help them last a little longer, clean any residue from the rim and replace caps tightly after use.
  • Buy the smallest amount of super glue or similar bonding agent for the task at hand, as these products can dry out quickly.
  • If you regularly use craft glue consider purchasing a larger bottle of craft glue, and pour into a smaller bottle as its needed.  Less bottles to waste.


You cannot reuse glue, but you can reuse the containers they come in. 

  • Refill your empty glue stick containers.  Gather together broken pieces of crayon, carefully melt them down and pour into the empty glue stick.  You now have brand new and unique crayons to use.


Craft glue can be disposed of to landfill, through your local landfill-rubbish collection service.