Gas bottle for a BBQ

Gas Cylinder

BBQ gas bottles, LPG gas cylinders, camping gas cookers (propane, butane)


BBQ or LPG Gas bottles are refillable at your local service station but they do have an expiry date. Check the date on the rim of the bottle to see when it expires.  After this expiry date the bottle will need to be retested and a new expiry date issued for it to be refilled again.


Empty gas cylinders, bottles and camping canisters are made from metal and can be recycled through your local scrap metal agent or local transfer station.

How do I recycle it?
  • Ensure that the cylinder is completely empty
  • Do not pierce, crush or flatten
  • Drop off to the appropriate facility
Where do I recycle it?
  • Scrap metal agent - see listings in the yellow pages
  • Transfer Station - see the Attendant