Pile of food waste

Food Waste

Kitchen waste, vegetable peelings, leftovers, scraps, rotten and spoiled food

Organic waste or food and garden waste makes up 28 percent (or 223 tonnes per week) of the rubbish dumped into the Southland regional landfill.  If you could reduce the amount of food waste in your home by just 25 grams per day (the weight of a slice of bread), you would save over 9 kilograms each year - roughly enough to make 16 meals.

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You can reduce your food waste by planning your meals, only purchasing what you need, saving leftovers for future meals and using perishable ingredients before they spoil.  For more information check the Food section of this website.

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Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with food waste

  • Food waste can be turned into a useful product through compostingworm farming or using the bokashi system. 
  • Contact a local pig or chicken farmer and see if they would like your kitchen leftovers.


If you are unable to reuse your food waste, the next best practical option is disposal to the regional landfill through your local rubbish collection service.


Where do I dispose of it?
  • Local refuse service