bundle of fencing wire

Fencing Wire

Barbed wire, chicken wire, light wire mesh, high tensile wire

Did you know ... according to Wikipedia, the first patent in the United States for barbed wire was issued in 1867 to Lucien Smith of Kent, Ohio.

See Also Scrap metal



Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with fencing wire

  • Where possible carefully remove your fencing wire to reuse or repair fences
  • Get creative, and turn it into an art sculpture


Fencing wire can be recycled.


How do I recycle it?
  • Dismantle the wire fence, separating the wire from the fence posts.
  • Carefully place the used wire into a metal drum and transport to the appropriate facility.  By placing the wire in a metal drum the scrap metal dealer can safely compact the wire without it jamming their machinery.


Where do I recycle it?
  • Scrap metal agent - check the yellow pages for listings
  • Transfer Station - in the scrap metal area