empty egg carton

Egg Carton

Carton or trays


Refill your old egg cartons and trays at a local egg supplier.


There are a number of things you can do with egg cartons

  • Can be used to grow seedlings
  • Donate egg cartons to someone who keeps chickens
  • Cartons are great for children's art projects
  • Eggs cartons and shells can go into your compost bin or worm farm
  • Decorate egg shells whole or make egg shell mosiacs
  • Make a wall of crushed egg shells around your plants to deter slugs, snails and caterpillars
  • Egg cartons make great storage for trinkets, stationary items, jewellery or coins
  • Egg cartons can be composted and add a good 'carbon' source to balance out the compost


  • Clean egg cartons and trays can be recycled through your local recycling collection service.
How do I recycle it?
  • The egg cartons need to be clean i.e. no egg or shell residue.

Egg cartons and trays that have food residue can be composted or cut up and placed in your worm farm.