Crockery - pile of dishes


Dishes, plates, cups and saucers

See Also Cooking equipment  |  Cutlery  |   Disposable plates



You can reduce the need to purchase crockery by

  • Hire crockery from a catering stockist.  Check out Catering Equipment and Supplies listing in the yellow pages.
  • Borrow from friends or family
  • Purchase pre-loved crockery from a secondhand store.  Check out Secondhand Dealers listed in the yellow pages.



Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with crockery

  • Place broken crockery at the bottom of plant-pots to help with drainage
  • Have a smashing good time and create individual mosiac art pieces
  • Hold onto old sets of crockery for when teenagers leave home and/or go flatting
  • Donate it
  • On sell


If you are unable to reduce or reuse the crockery, the next best practical option is disposal to the regional landfill through your local rubbish collection.

Where do I dispose of it?
  • Local refuse service