A computer - screen, harddrive and keyboard


Monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, laptop, tablet, ipad

Did you know that 95 percent of a computer can be recycled. 


Computers can be expensive items to purchase.  Where pratical choose a good quality and energy efficient model.  Consider how easily it can be upgraded (for future hardware updates).  Alternatively you could purchase a pre-loved computer or lease the equipment.


Before buying a new computer, check out whether your old computer can be upgraded.  Generally upgrading components and/or software is a cheaper option than buying new equipment.



Rather than replacing the broken computer, why not see if it can be repaired.  Check out Computer Services agents listed in the yellow pages.




Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with the computer



Most computer manufacturers have a recycling take-back scheme. They cannot be placed in your Council yellow recycling bin.

How do I recycle it?
  • Remove all data from disk drives using security swipe software.


Where do I recycle it?