Colourful pile of clothing


Shirts, coats, shoes, trousers, fabric, textiles


You can reduce the need to purchase new clothing by

  • Where practical purchase good quality clothing that will last or can be easily repaired.
  • Purchase pre-loved clothing from secondhand clothing store. Check out Clothing - secondhand agents listed in the yellow pages.
  • Share clothing with friends



Rather than replacing the item, why not see if it can be repaired.  Check out the Clothing - Alterations and Repair agents listed in the yellow pages.



Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with clothing

  • Share or swap clothing with friends and family
  • Worn or damaged clothing and sheets can be used around the house for dusters or cleaning cloths
  • Old clothing can be reused to make covers for quilts and cushions
  • Cut worn sheets/bedding and re-sew to make 'new' sheet/bedding
  • If you've got the space, store the item - as fashion trends do come round again
  • Donate it
  • On sell 



Clothing can be recycled through Clothing Bins. 

What happens to it?

The clothing is sorted and separated into good quality clothing and shoes which can be reused or worn.   Damaged clothing is further sorted into grades to make industrial wiping clothes, blankets, furniture blankets, mattresses, car insulation and furniture padding.