Solvents, automotive liquids, dyes, paint, garden chemicals, cosmetics, cleaning products

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There are a number of non-toxic, biodegradeable, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly household chemicals.  Before you purchase a product, read the label and look for biodegradeable and recyclable symbols.  You can also make cleaning products yourself using the basic ingredients of white vinegar and baking soda.

Helpful Websites
  • Eco-Store - - this website provides listings of eco-products from laundry, cleaners, body care, baby care to gardening and where to find a local stockist or purchase from the online store.  Eco-Store products are available from Countdown, New World supermakerts and Affordable Oragnics (Windsor, Invercargill)
  • Fernbird Eco Store - - this site provides listings of sustainable and organic products for the laundry, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  Other sustainable products offered include eco-gifts, organic clothing, fashion accessories, natural toys, games and books.
  • Microfibre cleaning cloths -



Household chemicals cannot be recycled.  The plastic containers can be recycled.



If you cannot reduce the chemicals the next best practical option is disposal through your local transfer station's hazardous waste shed.

How do I dispose of it?
  • Ensure the chemical is either in its original container or is appropriately labelled and in a leak proof container.
  • Inform the transfer station attendant that you are disposing of hazardous waste.


Where do I dispose of it?
  • Transfer station - in the hazardous waste shed, check with facility for limits


What happens to it?

The collected chemicals are neutralised and treated by a professional chemical contractor.