Wrap Snails

Plastic food wrap is an enormous problem in school lunches, but it is easy to avoid if you know how. Swap your plastic wrap for reusable/sealable plastic bags, purchase a good lunch box, or simply change to unwaxed paper that can be composted or fed to worms.

Room 6's (Waverley Park) Gladwrap Snail made from 1 weeks glad-wrap (83 pieces)
The Wrap Snail made by Room 6 at Waverley Park.

Wrap Snails are an awesome way to visually show how much plastic food wrap is used in school lunches. 

Materials you need

  • Plastic food wrap (weeks worth)
  • Tape measure
  • Permanent marker
  • A board


  1. Save your plastic food wrap for a week. (Hopefully you can persuade people to clean it before they give it to you).
  2. Twist all the pieces into little ropes which you tie together. 
  3. Once you have an enormous length of plastic wrap, measure it and attach it to the board in the shape of a snails shell.
  4. Draw on the snail body and there you go. 


Extra Challenge

Now is the time to promote packaging free lunches in school.  At the end of the term, make another snail and compare it to your first one - have you reduced your plastic food wrap?

Send us a Photo

Send us a photo of your Wrap Snail and we will post on the site and show others how much plastic wrap is being used.