Farmers have always reused, repaired and given new life to old materials but there is plenty more that can be done to improve waste management on the farm.

By taking simple steps the amount of farm waste created can be reduced or even prevented - e.g. reusing containers for feeding or cleaning, composting, recycling waste oil and tyres, recycling bale wrap, and continuing to repair (where possible).   Find out how easy it is to reduce, reuse and recycle on your farm.


Looking out over the green field at Fortrose

Bury, Burn or ???

How do you manage your farm waste? Learn about the impact of on-farm waste disposal and the benefits to your farm of reducing your rubbish.

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Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme

Established in 2005 Agrecovery is a not-for-profit charitable trust put together by primary sector stakeholders to provide a sustainable solution for 'on-farm' waste.

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Farmer recycling his triple rinsed plastic containers

Get Rinsing

Agrecovery operate a container recovery programme for agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene plastic containers.

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Unwanted chemicals sitting out the front of an old shed

What's in your shed?

When chemicals expire, get rid of them.  Agrecovery Chemicals is a safe and simple nationwide collection and disposal system for unwanted and expired chemicals in agriculture.

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