Paper Mountain

Simple everyday actions to reduce paper



  • Before your print, ask yourself do you really need a hard copy?
  • Set your printer default to double side - immediately halving your paper consumption
  • Swap your post-it notes for a whiteboard marker. If you do not have a white board near you, your office window is a great alternative (just remember to wipe off your notes when your finished).
  • Are PDA's write for you?  Electronic devices such as PDA's and dictaphones help you reduce paper.
  • Brush up on your typing skills and take your laptop into meeting.  While it does take more effort to remember your laptop and keep up with the discussion, with a bit of practice you will be saving both paper and time.
  • Challenge your workmates to a "No Print Day".  The challenge is to not print any paper on the designated day.  If successfully reward employees with a morning tea shout.  If popular it could become a monthly challenge.
  • Share publications and develop an internal distribution list or sign up to the electronic version and everyone can read it at the same time.
  • Cancel your phonebook order and encourage staff to use the Yellow and White pages.  If your organisation really needs a phonebook, keep a copy at reception for everyone to use.


  • Set up a Good-On-One-Side (GOOS) box for your single sided paper.  Place the GOOS box on desktops, beside printers and photocopiers. 
  • Make the paper from your GOOS box into memo cubes and note pads.
  • Got too much single sided paper?  Take it home for the kids to scribble and draw on.
  • Shred your confidential paper and take it home to use as a garden mulch, liner for your pets bed put in your compost bin or worm farm.
  • A keen workmate may want the paper to make into "paper bricks" - which are great for starting your fire.


  • Set up a recycling system at work.  Check the Southland Resource Directory for companies that can collect your paper for recycling.
  • Confidential paper can be collected for recycling too.  Check the Southland Resource Direcotry for companies that offer this service.