Find out how you can grow and maintain your own Eden using smart gardening techniques.  Learn the secrets of making compost and putting your garden waste to work for you.

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Wheel barrow filled with garden waste

Turning garden and food waste into 'Black Gold'

Garden and food waste are the largest element of Southland's waste stream making up 42 percent or 12,000 tonnes per year.  By composting, worm farming or using the bokashi system we can turn our garden and food waste into 'black gold'.

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Compost in an old bath.

Composting: Getting Started

A simple step-by-step guide on how to compost.

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Pile of compost

Recipe for 'Black Gold'

To make good compost you need to keep your bugs healthy, by creating a balanced ecosystem of food, air, moisture and warmth.

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Compost Heap

Having trouble with your compost heap?

Trouble with your compost heap?  Here is a list of troubleshooting tips to help you get your compost bin back on track and making you free compost for your garden.

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Glass house and vegetable garden

Using your Compost

How do you know when your compost is ready?  What do I do with the compost now that I've made it?

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