Recycling in Southland

Recycling makes sense - it turns rubbish into useful products. Saving us money and reducing the amount of waste going to the Southland Regional Landfill.

Our Target

WasteNet aims to recycle 9,000 tonnes of material in 2018.    As at 30 Septemper 2018 we have recycled over 4,145 tonnes of materials.  This is 69% of our target.  

The recyclables are collected from kerbside yellow recycling bins, recycle drop off centres, and Transfer Stations.     

What resources are we saving?

Recycling saves a number of resources including trees, water, energy, oil and reduces the number of loads of rubbish going to landfill.  

WasteNet has developed a 'resource calculator' that works out how many trees, litres of water, barrels of oil and cubic metres of landfill space is saved for every tonne of materials that are recycled.   

How are we doing?

At the top of this page you will see a icons for Trees, Water, Oil and Trucks and numbers beside them.  These figures indicate the year to date totals of the resources we've saved.  

For the year to date we recycled 4,145 tonnes of materials. That means we saved:

  • 51,517 trees
  • 48,712,860 litres of water
  • 30,624 drums of oil and
  • 415 trucks did not go to landfill

How did we do in 2017?

In 2017 we recycled 5,536 tonnes of materials.  That means we saved:

  • 42,532 trees
  • 46,340,509 litres of water
  • 43,296 drums of oil, and
  • 23,782 cubic metres of landfill space
  • 552 trucks did not go to landfill.
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