How to use the red rubbish bin

All eligible properties are issued with a red-lidded mobile bin for the collection of rubbish by their local Council.

Each Council has a different collection time, frequency and bin size. 

 Collection  Gore District Council  Invercargill City Council Southland District Council
 Frequency  Every week for 3 consecutive weeks.
 Weekly  Fortnightly
 Time  Before 7am  Before 7:30am  Night before
 Bin size  240-litres  140-litres  240-litres

What goes in the red-lidded rubbish bin?

You can put the following non-recyclable materials items into your red rubbish bin for disposal to landfill:
  • Household rubbish including lids, liquid paper board, non-recyclable glass, takeaway cups
  • Food scraps and wrappings
  • Dirty paper, tissues, paper towels, greasy pizza boxes
  • Nappies and sanitary products
  • Cold ashes
  • Packaging and styrofoam
  • Broken toys, clothing, carpet, fabrics
  • Dirty or contaminated plastic, polystyrene, tin/steel
  • Broken glass

What cannot go in the red-lidded rubbish bin?

  • Building materials and DIY rubble
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Hot ashes
  • Infectious material
  • No liquid or viscous fluid (i.e. paint, ink)
  • Hazardous waste (i.e. lithium batteries, chemicals, explosives)
See the Orange Pages for information on how to dispose of these items.

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