I live in a township in the Southland District

Southland District Council provides fortnightly recycling and rubbish collections in the townships throughout the district and operate 6 waste Transfer Stations and 2 greenwaste-only sites. Council also operates 11 recycling drop off centres. And the township of Oban is service by a three-bin collection and Resource Recovery Park.

Kerbside Recycling and Rubbish Service

Residents within the designated Refuse Collection Area are provided with a yellow 240 litre recycling bins for the fortnightly collection of approved recyclables and a red 240 litre rubbish bin for the alternative fortnightly collection of residual waste (rubbish).     This service is optional for businesses.

If you live outside of the Refuse Collection Area Council but are along the collection route, your property can opt to use the service. 

Waste Transfer Stations

Council operates six Waste Transfers Stations for the disposal of bulk loads of waste (rubbish), greenwaste (garden waste), scrap metal  recyclables, pre-loved materials and small quantities of hazardous chemicals.  Fees apply. 

Recycle Drop-off Centre

There are 11 recycle drop-off centres located throughout the district for the disposal of bulk loads of household recyclables.  The Centres are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.