Superhero Competition

As a part of Waste Awareness Week 2017 WasteNet is running a Dirty Dozen Superhero competition.

WasteNet Superhero Competition 2017

The competition is for Southland children to design a Superhero based on the Dirty Dozen – 12 rules for your yellow recycling bin. The Superhero’s will combat one of the 12 dirty dozen rules:

  1. Free of food
  2. Fabric not wanted
  3. No rubber please
  4. Don't be foiled
  5. The danger zone
  6. Dusted
  7. More care needed
  8. Medical waste free
  9. Keep out the lawn
  10. Building materials - keep out
  11. No window panes
  12. Keep it loose.

All ages up to 15 including groups or classes may enter. Art pack prizes will be awarded for 1st place, best Super hero name, and best Superpower. Entries are judged on; interpretation of the theme, creativity and originality, effort, Superhero name, and Superhero power.

To enter the competition: email with a picture or photo of your superhero, along with a description of your Superhero how they will use their powers to prevent rule breaking.

Get creating and win! 

Entries close Wednesday 29 March 2017




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