Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution - so we can have cleaner streets, oceans and beautiful communities.

WasteNet Southland invites all Southlanders to join us in ditching single use plastic by participating in Plastic Free July Aotearoa Challenge.

Why?  The average New Zealand consumes a estimated 31 kilograms of plastic packaging each year.  This includes the plastic bag your bread comes in, the plastic meat tray from your supermarket and the plastic straw from your milkshake.    Not all plastic can be recycled, and sadly some of this plastic ends up in our street, parks and oceans. 

Plastic Free July is a global initiative raising awareness of the amount of single use plastic in our lives and creates demand for sustainable products and services.  Last year over a quarter of a million New Zealanders took part in this daily act to swap single use plastic for other solutions.

If you are starting your plastic free journey, began by tackling the big four - bags, cups, straws and water bottles.  Bring your own bag when shopping, and carry your travel mug with you at all times should you have the urge for a coffee.  Refuse straws or ask for a paper straw.   And take your refillable drink bottle with you when you are out and about.

By each of us making one small change, collectively we are making a massive difference to our communities.

Throughout the month of July, WasteNet is posting daily tips on its facebook page.  Below is a summary of the tips shared so far.   

  1. Swap single use produce bags for reusable produce bags
  2. Its just one straw said 8-billion people.  Refuse straws
  3. Choose to refill your drink bottle
  4. Choose bamboo cotton buds
  5. Refuse clingfilm - use a plate, use a container, use a beeswax wrap
  6. Choose to refuse takeaway coffee cups - Bring Your Own Cup
  7. New World supermarkets have rolled out recycled paper bags for bakery products
  8. How do you cover your leftovers - plate or wrap?
  9. Say no plastics big four - bags, cups, straws and bottles
  10. Buy refills of tomato sauce in cans or glass jars
  11. Buy bread from bakery section in paper rather than plastic wrapped loafs
  12. Swap liquid shampoo for shampoo bars
  13. Ditch disposable plates and cutlery for crockery
  14. Make your own crackers (refuse the plastic packaging)
  15. Buy loose fruit and vegetables (refuse the plastic bag)