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Did you know over 58,000 tonnes of rubbish was buried at the Southland Regional Landfill last year, and approximately 30% came from households. Research indicates if we had reduced, reused, recycled and recovered this waste, we could have save 5,000 tonnes from going to landfill.

Kate Meads
Kate Meads

We are all aware of the environmental harm rubbish creates when it is not correctly managed – rubbish ‘rafts’ in the oceans, sea life and birds snagged in rubbish or mistaking plastic particles for food, contaminants leaching into our water ways, and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This Waste Awareness Month, is aiming to raise our awareness of the amount of rubbish we create, and help us take action to reduce it. Reducing waste is not just recycling our milk bottles and cardboard boxes – it is a change of mind-set through rethinking how we handle our waste to help our environment. 

WasteNet Southland has partnered with New Zealand Waste Free Warrior – Kate Meads – and together are offering Southlanders free access to Kate’s online workshops during March.   You can watch Kate's pre-recorded workshops from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, from any device.  You can pause, fast forward, rewind as much as you like until midnight 31 March 2021.

There are 3 workshops to choose from:

  • Waste Free Living
  • Waste Free Parenting
  • Food Lovers Masterclass

The Waste Free Living workshop is good for those wanting to understand the first steps to minimising waste.  The Waste Free Parenting workshop is full of practical and cost effective tips around ways you can reduce waste at home especially with young children in the home.  The Food Lovers Masterclass provides you with easy and cost effective ways to reduce food waste, which means you save money on your grocery bill.

Register for your free online workshop here

To access your free online waste workshop, complete the registration form, and you'll be emailed the link. Please note the free workshops are only available to residents living in Southland during March 2021.

Register here.

Be in to Win!

After you have watched your free workshop, complete the feedback form, and go into the prize draw to win one of three prizes.  Each prize pack is valued at $250.

  • Waste Free Living Prize Pack: this pack includes a Bokashi starter pack, his & hers safety razors, beeswax and more
  • Waste Free Parenting Prize Pack: Cloth nappy starter pack
  • Food Lovers Masterclass: Choose between a Bread Maker or Pasta Maker.