Clean Up Week

Clean Up Week New Zealand is being held 7-13 September 2020 this year, and we invite you to join us in taking part in Aotearoa's largest clean up event.

Litter can be harmful to people, animals and our environment. When we don't pick it up, the wind and rain can carry it into our streams, rivers and oceans.  Animals can easily mistake it for food which can be very harmful to them, and it can affect water quality.

"Clean Up week is a time where Southlanders are encouraged to actively clean up, fix up and conserve our big backyard" said WasteNet Southland Senior Waste Officer Donna Peterson.

"Keep New Zealand Beautiful Trust runs Clean Up Week every year.  Last year over 52,000 volunteers picked up 507,000 kilograms of litter nationwide."

WasteNet is once again supporting Clean Up Week, by offering registered groups the ability to dispose of their collected litter for free at a WasteNet Southland facility.  However you will need to fill in and submit the WasteNet Clean Up Fund application form.

Get Involved

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