Waste services continue

For all COVID-19 information, visit the Unite against COVID-19 website at covid19.govt.nz. Visit your local Councils websites to learn about the Southland Councils response to COVID-19.

Kerbside Recycling and Rubbish Collection Services

Kerbside recycling and rubbish collection services in Bluff, Invercargill, Southland District and Gore District will continue as usual.  Please continue to put your wheelie bins out for collection on your usual pick up day. 

Private waste collection services are also operating as normal.

Here are the steps that you can take during this lockdown period to make sure your kerbside collection is picked up:

  • Continue to observe good hygiene practices when handling your rubbish and recycling.  Wash your hands after you have touched your bin.
  • Where practicable place used tissues, wipes into a separate bag, before placing them in your rubbish bin.
  • Place your wheelie bin out at the kerbside on your normal collection day, at the usual time. 
  • The collectors need to be able to access your bin using the automated technology as much as possible to reduce unnecessary contact.  If parked cars are in the way, place your bin at the end of your driveway.
  • Where practicable do not place your bins out overnight (to reduce the risk of windblown litter).


Council Transfer Station Services

Transfer Stations across Southland District, Bluff and Invercargill will close indefinitely to the public at the end of business Wednesday 25 March 2020, as New Zealand moves into level 4 alert in its response to the Covic-19 pandemic. 

The Te Anau, Winton, Gore and Invercargill Transfer Stations will be open only to commercial operators who provide waste services to essential businesses - for example, supermarkets, food producers, pharmacies and hospitals - as well as to commercial waste operators that provide private household waste collections.  

The Gore Transfer Station will be open to Gore District residents on Saturdays and Wednesdays, 10:30am to 5:00pm for the disposal of garden waste only.   For more information on Gore's services click here.


I do not have a waste collection service

Councils recognise the need to provide essential sanitary waste services and that not all residents (especially in rural areas) have waste collection services.  If you do not have waste collection services you can:

  • make arrangements with private waste collection companies
  • register your need with WasteNet Southland for the disposal of bagged household waste


Private waste collection companies

Some private waste collection companies are still operating during the lockdown.  We encourage you to make arrangements with a private waste company if you can.  Below is a list of companies that are operating during the lockdown.  WasteNet Southland has been in contact with these companies and you can make short-term arrangements with them.

  • Bond Contracts - provides waste services to the areas of Otatara, Moores Road, West Plains and Makarewa. Phone 03-2187-007
  • All Waste Solutions - provides waste services to the areas of Otatara, West Plains, Makarewa and Mokotua.  Phone 03-2144-959
  • Southern Transport - provides waste services to the areas of Otatara, West Plains, Makarewa and Myross Bush.  Phone 03-2169-059
  • Easy Bins - provides waste services to the Invercargill District.  Phone 0800-327-924
  • Clearaways - provides waste services to the areas of Otatara, West Plains, Makarewa and Mokotua.  Phone 03-2169-059
  • Kiwi Skips - provides waste services to the areas of Myross Bush, Gorge Road, Makarewa, Otatara and Mokotua.  Phone 0800-754-728
  • Paddys Bins - provides waste services to the Gore District.  Phone 03-208-9870
  • JD Souness - provides waste services to Gore and Clutha Districts.  Phone 0800-469-278.


Register your need to use a Transfer Station

If you do not have waste collection services available to you, you will be able to register your need with WasteNet Southland for the disposal of bagged household waste and WasteNet will work with you to accommodate your needs.  However, any decisions will be based on preserving public health during the Covid-19 response.

  • Register here - click here.  Please note this will redirect you to the Invercargill City Council website where the online form is located.  Southland District and Gore District Council residents can register here too.

A WasteNet staff member will be in contact with you, and may ask for additional information to help prioritise those most in need.

Please note:

  • Priority will be given to households that do not have access to waste collection services
  • Bulk loads of non-household waste (i.e. furniture, agri-chemicals, car batteries, garden waste, building materials) will not be permitted.
  • You must register with WasteNet Southland
  • If you have not been given an appointment time to use the facility you will be turned away
  • Police/Military are active in the community, and are stopping travelers to check on their necessity to be traveling

If you are permitted to access your local Transfer Station:

  • WasteNet staff will give you an appointment day and time to dispose of your bagged household waste
  • Access to the Transfer Station will be on a one-in one-out basis
  • Please follow directions of the site operator and respect physical distancing rules and any other instructions
  • Normal fees and charges will apply.


Why are Transfer Stations closed to the public?

Councils recognise the need to provide essential services, but during this extraordinary period of national lockdown a range of factors need to be considered.  In order to slow the spread of Covid-19 and save lives by limited human contact, the government is instructing people to stay home and resist non-essential travel.  Interactions should be confined where possible to those in your "bubble" or close family unit. 

Closing transfer stations except under special circumstances will help to limit exposure to the Covid-19 virus by contractors and transfer station staff, and allow better management of personal protection equipment (PPE) if supplies become restricted. 

The measures taken today align with those taken by Councils throughout New Zealand.    For the meantime, this is the new normal and we ask you to bear with us.  Please be responsible, stay safe and look after your family.

For full details released by the Councils, download the media releases below: