Smart Shopping

Reduce your rubbis by being careful about what you buy.

The 6 secrets of smart shopping


Bring your own bag (BYOB)

Buy a bag for "life" from your local supermarket or use a reusable bag for shopping to help cut down on the plastic bags we all bring home every year.


Buy recycled

Look for products made or packaged in recyclable materials and buy them when you can.


Buy products with less packaging

Concentrates and refills are a great way to reduce unnecessary packaging.


Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk and redistribute into reusable containers. 

For example, instead of purchasing individual pottles of yoghurt, buy a 1-litre tub and place servings into reusable containers.  The 1-litre tub can be reused as a storage container or maybe accepted in your area's recycling service.


Make a shopping list

By making a list (and sticking to it) you only buy what you need - which means you save on the packaging (and on the wallet).


Buy long life products

Purchase reusable, refillable, repairable products as alternatives to disposable ones i.e. razors, pens, plates and cups.