Recycling is one of the best things you can do for the environment. While reducing piles of rubbish, you're also protecting natural resources, minimising global warming, saving water and energy and you get the "feel good factor". And what better place to start recycling than at home.

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iRecycle do you?

The Truth about Recycling

Event as recycling becomes more mainstream, questions about it still linger.  Is it worth the effort?  Does it actually help the planet?  Is recycling just going into a landfill in China?  Here are some answers to common myths about recycling.

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a white or clear plastic shopping bag

Recycle plastic bags in the yellow bin

Plastic bags are a hot topic right now. You can recycle your plastic bags and other soft plastics through your Council yellow recycling bin.

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Recycle at Home

Learn the secrets of recycling and get in the loop.

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An old aluminium kettle turned into a flower pot

Get more life out of your rubbish

Discover the secrets of reusing materials

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Moving In?

Are you up to your ears in cardboard boxes, newspaper and bubble wrap?  Or have you not taken the plunge to start unpacking yet?  Here is some helpful advice on how to prevent your rubbish bin from filling up after moving in.

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Sort your waste into foodwaste, recycling and rubbish at the Junior Worlds

Stories from Southlanders

Even as individuals we can make a world of difference.  These case studies are about everyday Southlanders who are each contrubiting in their own ways to reduce their rubbish.

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