Reduce Food Waste

If half the population of Southland reduced their food waste by 26 grams (the weight of a slice of bread) within one year, it would halve the amount of food waste disposed to landfill.

Food waste happens when you cook too much or it goes bad before you get around to eating it.  Try these 8 easy, everyday tips to help you reduce food waste and save money on your grocery bill.

8 easy tips to reduce food waste


Write a Shopping List

Plan your meals for the week and use this to make your shopping list.  This is nothing worse than wondering about the supermarket with no idea what you are looking for.  You often end up with a trolley full of ingredients that do not go together or need.


Stick to the List

If you stick to the list you'll be more likely to resist impluse buys that do not got used up (and are not needed).


Buy only what you need

Check the ingredients in your fridge and cupboard before you go shopping - writing down the extra's you need.


Use up your leftovers

Do not throw it away - have them for lunch tomorrow or used them as a base for tomorrow's dinner.


Do not shop when you are hungry

You are more tempted to buy non-shopping list ingredients when you are hungry.  Go after dinner when your fed - you may find the supermarket quieter too.


Rotate food in the cupboard and fridge

Put all the new food at the back of the cupboard or fridge and bring old items to the front.  This simple action will help you use your ingredients before their "Use by" or "Best before" dates.


Freeze it

Cook twice as much as you need and freeze the remaining half.  Which will be ready for those nights when you are too tired to cook.


What do you throw away?

During the week write down all the items you throw away.  At the end of the week take a look at the list, and think about ways not to throw it out again.  Do you throw away fruit?  Then maybe you need to buy them loose and/or reduce the amount you buy each week.  If you regularly throw out mouldy cheese - then grate it, freeze it and take it out when you need it.