There has been a lot of confusion lately about supermarket's meat trays. Are they recyclable or are they landfill-rubbish? Well the answer is a bit of both.

Traditional foam polystyrene meat trays are not recyclable.

But wait ... several supermarkets (New World, Pak n Sav) across New Zealand have been trialling a new recyclable plastic meat tray. These are made of 50% recycled material and are accepted for recycling in the Southland region.   All you need to do is rinse the tray under the tap and pop it in your yellow recycling bin. Using and recycling these plastic trays can prevent 14 Olympic size swimming pools worth of polystyrene going to landfill every year.

So – how do you tell the difference between the two? The foam polystyrene tray is a squishy soft material, while the recyclable plastic meat trays are a hard plastic, often clear or light blue, with triangular indents.