How to clean your wheelie bin

It is probably one of the worst cleaning chores in the home, but somebody has to do it. And the longer you leave it the worse the unpleasant stench from your wheelie bin will get.

Garden hose, sponge and bucket of soapy water

Here are some tips to make the job of cleaning your bin a little easier

  1. Wait for collection day, as this way the bin will already be empty.
  2. Pick a suitable area for washing e.g. your lawn. Keep away from all stormwater drains, as these lead to the sea. 
  3. Place the bin on its side and hose it out – high pressure is ideal, but a high-pressure nozzle on the garden hose works just as well.
  4. For that caked-on muck at the bottom, pour ¼ cup of biodegradable and environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid into the bin. Fill with 2-3 jugs of hot water, close the lid and wait 30-minutes.
  5. Then give a good scrub with an outdoor brush.
  6. Turn bin upside-down to drain When dry, spray with a disinfectant spray.

Give your wheelie bins a wash twice a season, to kill off any germs and help reduce any unpleasant odours.

Hot tip: Your recycling bin will always smell fresh and clean, as only clean recyclables go into it.