Ashes in Red Rubbish Bin

Cold ashes can be bagged and disposed of in your red rubbish bin

Burning firewood is an important source of heat for many families, with a good fireplace there’s a warm house and plenty of ashes to clean out of the burner.  

Ash is made when anything organic burns.  It is what is left behind in the bottom of the fireplace after everything else is burned away.  The amount of ash you have to dispose of will vary according to the type of fire and fuel you use.  

Toxic chemicals could be present in your ashes if your burn treated timber, coal, plastic or any other non-wood products.  

Hot coals or embers, hidden in a pile of ashes stay can stay hot for up to 4 days.  For safety, wet the ashes and store them in a metal ash container with the lid shut to choke any embers. 

Ash, once completely cold can be placed in a plastic supermarket bag and into your red rubbish bin.  

It is important that only cold ashes go in the bin, as even warm ashes have been known to melt a plastic wheelie bin.


Did you know?

Back in the old days, wood ash had many practical uses – spread over fields as fertilizer, used to make soap, a toothpaste, and help repel pests from vegetable gardens.  

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