Hints and Tips


Scoop the Poop

There is no perfect way to collect or dispose of your dog's poop, however here are some ideas.

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Cleaning your wheelie bin

Make the unpleasant job of cleaning your wheelie bin a little easier with these 6 tips Read More

Meat Trays

The new style of meat trays (hard plastic with triangle shaped base) can be recycled in the yellow bin. The old style foam trays cannot be recycled and go in red bin. Read More

e-Card this Christmas

Choose to send e-cards (or phone) a family and friends this Christmas.

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Recycle sunblock tubes

You can recycle your emptied sunscreen bottles and aerosol cans this summer Read More

Mmmm Christmas Dinner

The Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand Facebook page has great tips for reducing food waste. Read More

Don't bottle it up

Cleaning up after your Christmas party can be a drag, make it easier by putting empty glass and plastic beverage containers in your yellow recycling bin.

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Sweet As

We all love chocolate and lollies. When we are done with the wrappers they go in the red rubbish bin. Read More

Getting rid of Tinsel-itis

Broken Christmas decorations can be put in your red rubbish bin.

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It's a Wrap!

"Paper" wrapping paper can be put in your yellow bin. Read More

Mighty Pine Idea

Real Christmas Trees can be disposed of at your local transfer station. Read More

To pop or not?

Place all your bubble wrap (popped or not) in your recycling bin

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Ashes in red bin

Cold ashes can be bagged and disposed of in your red rubbish bin Read More

Donate clothing

Recycle your clothing through a street clothing bin or local secondhand clothing store Read More

Reduce grass clippings

Leave grass clippings on the lawn when mowing Read More

Recycle aerosol cans

Recycle your empty aerosol cans in the yellow recycling bin or local recycle centre

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Got a tip?

Send us your best waste minimisation tip and we'll post it here to share with everyone.

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