Waverley Kindergarten is "Resource Wise"

Ever heard of the saying “one mans junk is another mans treasure?” This saying rings true for the children and teachers at Waverley Kindergarten.

On the 12th of September, WasteNet went to visit Waverley Kindergarten’s Resource Shed and were blown away by their sustainable practices and neat examples of reusing and recycling. 


The main reason for our visit was to check out the famous Resource Shed. This is a place where they store crafty, reusable resources for children, parents and other kindergartens/schools to use and share. They are on the constant look out for people to donate items that children can use such as fabrics, wire, plastic lids, bottles, tubes, bells, shells, buttons, paper, cardboard, hinges, bolts and tiles, just to name a few!   If you have any crafty bits and bobs lying about the house, contact Mel at Waverley Kindergarten (please make sure its clean and safe for little people to handle).


Waverley Kindergarten has also come up with great ways of reusing and recycling their paper and milk bottles, even their PolyFest creations were made out of reused materials!   Below are some neat examples of how Waverley Kindergarten has turned waste into a resource.  Click on the first image below to start the slideshow and see a full description of their work.