Science students discover WoW

On Tuesday 11 June, James Hargest College SSC Science class went on a World of Waste Tour to learn about what happens to waste in Southland as part of their ‘Earth Our Home’ topic.

The students went to Southland disAbility Enterprises to see what happens to the recycling from the yellow bins, the Garage Reuse Shop to see how items are repaired, recycled and resold, and the Invercargill Waste Transfer station to see what happens to rubbish, greenwaste, used oil, old tyres and hazardous waste.

Students from SSC Science said “we learnt some surprising things about the best way to prepare your materials for recycling:

  • Everything should be rinsed
  • Leave lids on bottles (every year they are spending thousands of dollars on equipment breakdowns due to lids getting caught in the conveyor).
  • Don’t squash anything leave them full size e.g. bottles, cans, milk bottles
  • Paper does not need to be bundled up anymore just throw it into your bin their machine loves it loose
  • If a bag is plastic and does not have a foil lining e.g. some chip packets, lolly bags etc. they can be recycled.”

The students finished the tour at Pleasure Bay Reserve (Invercargill’s old landfill site) where they had chocolate cookies baked by their teacher Mrs York.

The following week WasteNet visited SSC Science where we took another look at the recycling and rubbish process and recapped what was learned on the tour.

Take a look at some of their awesome posters illustrating what they learned about recycling in Southland!