Waste is a symptom of an inefficient process. Waste is materials that are paid for, and subsequently rendered useless. Before materials are rendered useless they are stored in valuable office/floor space. After materials are rendered useless, money is paid to dispose of them. Resource efficiency is an important business process that could save your organisation a lot of money.


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Business benefits from reducing waste

It is becoming increasingly important to everyday business practice to be resource efficient.  Being more resource efficient organisations can not only reduce their impact on the environment, but also improve their bottom line, competitive edge and reputation.

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10 Quick Tips for reducing business waste

Waste is a symptom of an inefficient process.  By beng more resource efficient your business can increase profit, gain a competitive edge, strengthen your reputation with customers and investors, oh and reduce your impact on the environment.

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The Why and How of Recycling In Southland

In 2009, on average each Southlander disposed of 545kg of rubbish and 101 kg of recyclables.  Businesses contribute 45% of the waste that is sent to landfill in Southland.  This guide proves the business case for recycling, detailing what the benefits are to your business,  what can be recycled in Southland and how easy it is for your business to start recycling.

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Business Case Studies

Waste is a symptom of an inefficient process.  Read the following case studies and learn how Southland businesses are playing their part to help the environment, by reducing their waste, developing a competitive edge and still making money.

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Making Sustainable Practices 'Business as Ususal'

10 top tips to help you business make sustainability 'business as ususal'.

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Move Your Paper Mountain

Conquer your organisations paper "mountain" with these simple everyday actions

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Roar into Pakeke Lions

Pakeke Lions operates a successful recycling centre based in the township of Gore.  WasteNet dropped in for a visit and found out their 3 top recycling tips.

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